Here is what I've figured out after all these years I play League.

It's a shame that the only way to climb in low elo- let me rephrase that It's a shame that the only legit way to climb in low elo, is by playing broken carry champions. Now, you probably think "and how would you suppose to win? shield teammates and gg EZ?" Ok, you are right. You do not show your skill by target healing and target shielding, fine. But still, matchmaking is not enough. Games will become stomps, and honestly? Weird mechanics like various power spikes at different stages in game, kind of make things even more frustrating. I mean... I don't mind comebacks, but staged comebacks, like for example, you play Kayle you lose and suddenly you win because champion says "%%%% you now I win regardless" it's just that: like actors playing a script. I mean, a comeback because you suddenly became stubborn and found your way back into the game through careful decisions and stuff, that's awesome. But win because the time has come where it is impossible for your opponents to kill you? That's unfair. I know, it all comes down to this: learn everything you need to learn, and play a champion that can murder a lot of champions. I don't know, watching the professional games I thought it was more than that, but in solo-q, things are different and more straightforward. Since some support mains will read this thinking "is this guy try to say what I do is irrelevant? I play in %%%%ing diamond" No, I am not saying what you do is irrelevant during the game. It's very important. But what you do is irrelevant during the course of you ranked 'carrier'. As I see it, you can be an awesome support, a marvelous tank top/jungle, but at the end of the day, the good player with his carry champion will be the one making a steady progress in the long run. Or else, you will find yourself stuck in the coinflip of matchmaking. (All the above concern solo-q players, not duo/flex)
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