Worried i might get punished for something that wasn't my fault

I didn't really know where to post this, and the riot support didn't really seem like the right place so here goes. I just had a game as kayn, and the moment we left loading screen and entered the game i found out that I cannot interact with the game. I could view everything that was going on (though i couldn't move the camera, except one time it came back for a few minutes, so i could look around, and i guess it's something) but i couldn't click on anything or write in chat. I tried opening and closing league a few times but that didn't help. eventually I decided to damage control and downloading OBS so that i can record what was going on so that i may have proof if i do get punished for being afk. up until now i was sure this was a bug with LOL and not with my computer, which is why I thought that if I already closed and re-opened league, restarting my computer wouldn't really have any affect, since it will have the same affect. But then i decided that i have already enough footage and that restarting my computer really couldn't hurt, so i did it. It worked, which is why this post isn't on bug report. So yea, that's about it. oh and if i do submit the recording that i took it's probably best if it will be without sound because i was with friends and we're not the smartest of the bunch. Please tell me if i needed to remove this post/post it somewhere else. Thank you!
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