unranked smurf from D1 just hit lvl30, got into first ranked game, and it was at bronze 5 mmr!!!!???

A friend of mine, at EUW, was leveling up his smurf account. He was playing with other smurfs in his normal games, he had good mmr, like high platinum, in normal games (in draft he was playing at 1900 mmr), and by the time he hit lvl 30 (with xp boosts) he had +35 more wins than defeats. And now he just got into his first soloq ranked game, and he's playing with bronze 5 players instead of plats xD? wtf is this bug riot ? can u explain ? Edit : Game 2 : http://prntscr.com/def1ic Bronze 4 mmr. i thought it was one match bug type, but i guess her whole mmr started from 300 mmr and now she gotta climb up from bronze 5... op rito Edit2 : 9-1 placements having more than 10 kda overall, placed in bronze 3 XD
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