Champion Mastery requirement for ranked

tldr; What if Ranked games required summoners to have Mastery 2/3 or higher to be able to lock in a champ? Recently I decided to start climbing in Flex, this was harder than expected since surprisingly many players try out chams here for the first time, some even said they consider flex as "Aram". Imagine how hard it can be to win those games. Anyhow, this made me think; "Why would someone play flex like this when they could just use the practice tool or normal games?" So my thought is, wouldnt it be nice if players were forced to be familiar with a champion? Kinda compareable to how everyone have to play against bots for the first few levels after creating an account. On the other hand, I do know this can cause issues regarding swapping champ during champion select, or even not being able to pick a champion since they are banned or just high enough mastery. (Solved by making players have 20 champs in mastery 2/3 + to que for ranked, instead of todays minimum 20 champs req) Whats your thought of this? (other than my spelling mistakes ofc)
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