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Hi This post may be unusual but idk with who to talk to because nobody understands me. I've been playing lol since 2013. But i'm still in bronze. At first when i got to 30th lvl in 2014/15 i thought i'll go with tactic that i don't care about my rank and to have fun because that will improve my skill and rank. My friends are in plat gold and silver. I'm the only one in bronze. Plat ones play little bit longer than me and i play somewhere around plat/gold. I don't know if there's problem with me or what. Nobody even cares if im good in other games which makes me isolated. I'm in Rocket League plat and i have way less hrs in game than lol. Problem is that when i play league nobody cares about my opinion and I'm having problem with hanging out with them. Even though I'm plat in RL I feel worthless. I can play lol good, sometimes i can even be awesome. I study every champ I want to play before playing ranked. I don't know if im bad at game, pure unluck or game is not for me. I feel relieved now while I'm writing this I've been having this problem for years. Thank you for taking your time to read this and please don't try to roast me in comments. I've been roasted too much by my friends that I don't care anymore. Bye :)
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