I am fed up of seeing the same mistake over and over again.

I'm usually pretty chilled when it comes to broken English on the boards, but there's one mistake I've seen probably thousands of times and one of those has proven to be too many. When you don't win a game, you LOSE, not LOOSE. I will not Lose I am not Losing Surr pls, this is Lost ___ Loose is an adjective, as in that knot is loose, it needs tightening. The related verb, to loosen, also refers to something not being tight, like a screw or something, it has nothing to do with the outcome of League of Legends games. You may hear people say things like "he's been let loose" this refers to him no longer being restrained. I hate to be a grammar nazi, and can feel the downvotes before I've even clicked the "post discussion" button, but I am starting to get fed up of this one simple thing.
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