Funny thing about gold

I thought when I reach gold there will be much less trolls , afks's , unskilled players etc. Man I couldn't be more wrong. I honestly had better games in silver. Last game champ select , I quote : 1 - mid 2 - mid or troll 1 - ok np I mid 2 - noob I dont care im g5 0lp , nothing to lose 2 - I go troll hehehehehe 3 - cancer to ur mom..! I dont consider myself "pro" , hell I dont even consider myself better than average , I just play OK. BUT amount of ebay gold accs is incredible , some of the guys I played with no way they true elo is silver 5 let alone gold 2 , 3.. MARK my words , this game is incredible , but in 1-2 years no one will play it because of this ****
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