new tools for new players and playing with your noob friends?

Firstly playing with a friend is a bit of a piss take. *yay i installed league of legends lets play with my friend who is dia- gets put vs 5 diamonds* Like surly the has to be a better system then the new guy just getting anal fucked for playing with friends? Maybe like a mentor mode where it groups like 1 person who is good with 4 noobs or something? i dont know but the system is a bit stupid lets be real. like the only 2 choices are play with your friend on your account and hope your friend doesnt mind watching a grey screen for like 70% of the game or make a smurf for each friend you introduce to the game... nither of which is to fun.. Secondly could we add some way to give friends like champ shards? like if I have 400.000 ip what the fuck am i gonna do with it meanwhile my friend who wants to play {{champion:161}} you have to say "ok either spend money... wait for an rng to select it for you once a week... or spend an average of 2010 minutes (33.5 hours) playing to get the ip to unlock them. also... new tutorials... long overdue... by like... alot... shouldnt be that hard to give a new player a tutorial that makes sense.
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