A question to everyone (dilemma, sort of)

You are a foreigner sent in Africa on a mission to kill "The Jackal" - an arms trafficker, who armed the two fighting factions in the country you're in. You live for a while as a mercenary, running errands for the factions, as well as other people. During this time you meet certain people, who become your "buddies", but few of them mysteriously vanish only to reappear together setting you an ambush. It turns out they had secretly made a deal among themselves to get certain diamonds you needed and escape the country with them. One of those people initially refuses to shoot you, but is then forced to do so. In the shootout you wound that person only as much as to prevent them from shooting and kill everyone else. The person can be fully healed, but wants to suicide. What do you do? ------- Information about the person in question: 29 year old, born in this country and lived in war the whole time. Wants to end it. Only "buddy" to genuinly fight alongside you and to be completely honest. Friendly in nature, as opposed to the rest. ------- My personal choice is to forgive them. I would try to convince them suicide isn't an option, but if they insist on killing them... I have to shoot them I guess, although I strongly reject even the mere notion of it. I don't feel they deserve the same fate as the rest of the bastards, who got what they deserved for setting me up.
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