Punishment system just doesnt work..

When my bot is 0/19 and the game is unwinnable, do i; 1: Leave the game * get reported for afk + leaverbuster low priority queues* 2: Try and educate them on how to play better *reported for verbal abuse* 3: Sit in fountain *reported for afk* 4: Waste 45 minutes because the 0/19 botlane wont surrender because they have brain damage Banning toxic people will only encourage them to start inting instead of flaming, and no matter what anyone says, after playing this game for 3.5k hours i can tell you that intentional feeders dont get punished unless they say they are inting in chat because they are dumb, eg "Idc if we lose its my 6th account im d1 smurf so ill int you because you didnt listen to me". Some people int their way down to bronze 5 for meme value without getting banned, if thats not proof enough that the system doesnt work, then you are deluded

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