10/10 = Bronze V

So last Season i got Stuck in Bronze... Because i did not know some important Rules about the game. I even got to get B5 > B1 but fail to get to Silver because of something, I don't even remember what... I was mad... and i came back down again to B5... I have made like.... 700+ Ranked Games in Season 5. Well thing is i Trained with some Champs, to prepare myself to Season 6. I teach myself to play defensivly and strike when the right time comes.... So with some Effort i got 10 out of 10 ! 10 WINS in the Placements mostly carrying myself. When i won the last game it posp UP with "Welcome to Bronze 5" So....... I am really mad.... I know about the MMR but its not fair.... Its just.... NOT FAIR.
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