I miss the old vibe of league of legends

Ever since Season 5. League has never felt the same. And every season after it, league has had some drastic changes to its core design. Season 5 introduced an updated visual change in the Old League Client. It even introduced the New Summoners Rift map. Now here is the deal. I have nothing against the new Summoners Rift. I love it quite a lot. However there has been a change overall in the animation and style of the whole game since all these visual changes. Season 1-4 , league of legends use to feel like a medieval type of game. We had champions who resembled like historical characters, also blending in with some characters that looked like they were from the future. Then we had characters like singed and urgot who were completely different, adding to the contrast of the overall vibe we as players got from the game. Which was so fresh and iconic to league. But now look at the games state. It has become somewhat like a wannabe of other styles of games. **Animations** that were once organic and didn't feel like they a from a god damn Pixar Animation aka DISNEY CARTOONS team, League would have still been unique. Think about it guys. Look at the animations, characters like Neeko and Zoe, it literally feels like league of legends became from this underground cool looking masterpiece of a game to a god damn DISNEY CARTOON!!! WHY??? Why would you completely change and RUIN a classic looking game to a baby preschool time fortnite, disney type of BS??
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