Searching Video editor for YT Channel trailer

Hello :) My name is No Counterplay / Michael and I am a Diamond player from Austria :) . I am a League of Legends Coach for 2 years now and I made the decision to start a Youtube channel for uploading coaching sessions and Gameplay. I am searching for somebody who could help me with my channel trailer because I am pretty inexperienced with graphic designing and Video editing. I am ready to pay for a good product or trade it against coaching sessions. Obviously their is no problem if you want your own channelname contained in the desciption. If you are interested just add me on Skype (No Counterplay) and we can talk about the details. Please prepare some examples of your previous work :) Link to my coaching profile: Best regards, NCP PS: I will probably not see answers to this post so if you are interested add me on Skype or on League ^.^

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