Why do you need more than 60 fps on hz display and why Riot need to invest.

There's a common misconception that if you have a 60hz display with say around 5ms response time you only need 60 fps, that is sadly not true. For example having 200 fps on a 60hz display is much better than having 60 fps, what happens at this point is that your gpu will actually render a frame in around 5 milliseconds and will replace the old frame before that frame even finished displaying, this will effectively cut down your input lag 3 times and offer a very noticeable visual improvement in what you may perceive as slight choppiness. What i'm getting at with all this is that Riot basically doesn't even care enough to add multiple directX support and make other improvements to the games performance, sure doing all this is basically lots of work for a small reward, but considering how small the game is and how big the budget is, this is actually a shameless attitude.

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