Everyone is always supposed to be fake-nice and praise Riot no-matter-what

Just a general thought about this. I've noticed that you're shaping us into being bot-like human beings and always praising Riot even when they do bad because they're Riot. Let's clarify, I'm NOT saying you have to be toxic or anything bad but if you know this game, if you played even just ONE game you know how it feels. I think there have been a billion ways Riot could have avoided the status of this LoL community as it is now, but they prefer'd focus on other things. And you know Riot makes mistakes, sometimes they're small and we can bare it, sometimes they're not and why should we not post a critic so everyone can improve? No, if anyone attemps at saying something against Riot, ever, all the good gold+ players come to rescue their baby by acting "mature" and all-knowing...well, okay. My point is...be objective.
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