What is this Riot? ....................

1. Why NA has a 50$ (7200 RP) offer and EU has 50 Euro (with also 7200 RP) isn't the Euro more Expensive than the Dollar???? 2. AND why NA has an offer of 100$ (15000 RP with 2000 bonus) and EU doesn't????????? HMMMMMMMMMMM???? Scam????? (max offer in EU is 50 Euro aka 700 bonus only that is 600RP less if someone wants to get two 50 Euro instead of 100 Euro) 3. No one wants a 2.5 euro offer, remove that shit and add a 100 euro offer. ~~ --- Riot Games sort and get your shit together already, you will lose the market game if you do not change for the better, you are on the cliff of becoming irrelevant, stop ignoring your player base and start fixing your shit (I am on the verge of quitting the game if you do not make a good move). ~~~~ I am 100% sure this topic will never see the light of the day, I bet not even anyone who works in Riot will ever see this, If I do not get a response from a riot employee then my theory is right, Boards and Forums are a lie, they are a void to get rid of the players suggestions.
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