Platinum is hell

I cannot understand why every single team I got in gold was ten times better than any I got in plat. Platinum is so hellish that the only way I get to win a game is if I play jungle and win literally every lane all by myself AND EVEN THEN it can get hard. It wouldn't be so much of a problem but I don't even like jungling. I first got plat when Aurelian Sol first came out and I realized just how much this game is dependent almost entirely on running around the map and helping every idiot on your team, but plat is so much worse because if you don't do something by minute 6, all lanes are lost. It's like a ticking bomb every single game. I spammed games this week and went from plat 3 to plat 5 back to plat 3 mostly because I'd want to play and actually enjoy the game and win my game and relax with some mid lane champion like Zoe and Galio but it's so tilting knowing that the time bomb is ticking. I always have it in my head -- I look at the clock, it's 5:45, 10 seconds later the bot lane just gave a double to the enemy and my top lane just got ganked. I know it's not impossible -- it's quite easy with the right champion -- but is there really only one way to carry in this game? Do I really have to play what's basically a 1 vs 5 till I reach diamond? When I first got to plat I had my hopes so high that finally, finally I can depend on my teammates to not be that bad but it's even worse and they're all so cocky. I honestly hope diamond is going to be better or at least not be even worse than this. I hate wanting to have fun in a ranked game and then get one shot out of nowhere by the enemy Kayn or steamrolled before I can even react because of the Hecarim and that new mastery. Right now, I find that the easiest way to carry a game is by playing Eve and ganking as much as possible because her clear is so fast it lets her keep up in experience without taking much of her time and the map presence is insane once you get mobility so I just rush them and go off but it's so boring. Everything is so telegraphed, there's no way I can have fun with this. Aurelian Sol was so much more fun because smacking people with balls gave me the opportunity to also dodge a lot of stuff so I'd just piss people off by dodging everything they threw at me and it was oh so satisfying but his mana issues -- especially early -- make him unplayable for me. Keeping track of mana is one of my biggest turn offs. To end my little complaining, I'd like to ask if any of you guys find it just as hellish to climb right now, and in what kind of ways do you carry games ? What champions do you use ?
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