hellooo i have a condition i am amea in english guy with speciall needs i have cancer ependymoma c grade in my spinal rumor from the midle and bellow i am paralyzed that means in the game some times i have problem and some times i must go afk to make my needs i try to prepare before the games to be ready but some times this is no posible.;...some times i have in games to much buulyng but i ignore this but today one guy also from the same country they have a team call AMEA(GUYS WITH SPECIALL NEEDS)I ask him in the game if they have problem with his health and they tell me they call his team like this just for fun..for me and for other guys like me its not fun iots very big proble in your life to be amea(guy with speciall need)... i ask riot to help uys like me i like the game and i want to continue play the game even with my problem because in my situation lol they make me pass my problem and to have something to pass my time,its a grat game... want to ban guys like him i want the people stop laughing with as....i want also riot to make something for the guys like me to protect as d to let us continue play the game.....the name of this guy is **redacted** best regrads stavros
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