Going pro in league

Hey guys uhm so i recently had some thoughts on wether i should start pursuing a pro career in league.I'm by no means diamond1/master/challenger im just a plat 2 player and i know it's a long way until i get to the elo needed to become pro.The pro scene is quite small in my country and i'm really passionate about the game.I also remember my diamond friends when i was bronze they were laughing at me (season 5) and now look at where i am almost diamond in almost half the time it took for them to climb.I'm the kind of player who takes it seriously and although i'm not going to do smth stupid like quitting school,my parents don't approve of this "path" so i was wondering wether i should keep tryharding and try to pursue this "dream" Thanks for all the serious answers and please keep the shit talking by better players than me to a minimum :) appreciate it a lot My acc name is:KaylieJenner if you want to lookup my op.gg or smth
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