How not to be a Silver dude

hey everyone, i would like to give some advice to those in G4 and lower. I spent s8 climbing from silver and after a while i reached platinum. These days i have spent sometime playing ranked in my second account which is in Silver because i never spent time on it. So lets begin, 1) stop writing in chat. Most of silver players write constantly, just stop! Focus on being better in game . By writing you can only irritate your teammates leading to higher chances of you losing the game 2) stop flaming. I mean come on, I have seen mid laners go 0/10 and flame their team for it, or because a player is 0/2 they call him a feeder and harass him . If you flame your teammate you will make him unwilling to keep trying to win 3) Don't pick hard champs. Lets face it most of you can not manage to play champs like yasuo, irelia akali or all the adc to be honest 4) ban the champs you don't know how to deal with. Like Master Yi no one in silver can play against a Yi because you can not play as a team and most of the crowd control players will fail their spells making him " OP" 5) Learn how to farm. I see many players that have 100 cs in 20 min. That means that you have lost 50% of minions. What i suggest is to play against bot or normal games and focus only on farming. That is all guys i hope i could help even a bit {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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