Garen needs your help for Justice about 1BE-Capsule scandal

Garen is asking you to help him for his way to justice :) There are many things you can do to make things right. As player we are so many you can not imagine what we all can do if we all act together. Let's show them how strong we are as a community. If we all take action together, we can guide them for what they should do. 1. Just stop buying RP, wait for Riots next mistake and abuse it since there is no consequences. 2. Sent ticket to Support team about your feeling that how you are feeling bad for their decision and how it will effectyour future purchases.Make them know it. 3. Let your friends in the game now about this incidence. Especially your Oddssy Mission friend the ones you spend days to get only 1 gem. Your friends who are helping you to get Chest for the possibility of getting skin chard. 4. Stop playing for a week. Not many of us will realize this but even we are playing for free, we are part of the content. If you won't play the queing time will be longer, the skill gap will increase between teams. So we will have effect on game. 5. Share the love, stay with justice. Hopefully at the end Riot will get the message that we didn't like the idea that they decided. Why you should do this? Cuz if you won't people to get away with this, on next time there can be something different happening. Put yourself in place of people who paid for the content, it could be you in their places. There are people who have paid so much for that content, there are students who spare money to get so content etc. Their art team put efford those skins not to make them free. They are not saying it is IMPOSSIBLE, they are saying it would take time. They are trying to fix it perfect, we are not asking for perfect solution. But leaving some people with life-time resouces of orange Essence is just unfair. We are not asking them to fix it instantly, take time RIOT but fix it. Hire someone extra, make 1 less Prestige Skin and fix the issue you have created. Ofcourse it will take efford, but next time you will not make mistake, cuz if you do you know what we are gonna do :p Peace Out :) Garen kisses you all.. There are many games you can play believe me :) It shouldn't be hard to be away for a week :)
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