I just found out that i have cancer.

There's been this incredibly irritating thing, alike pimple that has been on my face for quite a long time. I thought it was the same size and nothing serious. When i went to the doctors they told me it's spreading. Literally. Since i obviously can't seem to find any other symptoms aside from that "pimple" that has been growing rapidly in the last 3 months, i couldn't understand the word "cancer". I thought it was a pimple. My right side of the face is numb, for quite a long time, but i thought it was because of a "pimple", maybe infection (?). or inflammation of tissues. Turns out, it started spreading through my jaw. I made an appointment to operate this.. I hope it will be soon, because they are planning on putting me on some treatments after the surgery, which i suppose is chemo.. I hope it's not. So, yeah. And i know this is really weird, but i still don't feel scared and stuff. I feel like it's better that than many other horrible diseases. And this is also inappropriate or irrelevant, but players who write me things such as "cancer" really don't offend me. So, don't worry, to whoever might read this, i'll sort this out nicely. I always look at the positive side, that's why Lux will be my main after this thing is gone, hopefully. I am planning to main her!
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