Why does April fools automatically = URF mode?

1.April fools is... April fools and is supposed to be a special day where its unpredictable and fun, not the same predictable lame event 2.Im expecting something different every april fools day, its a prank day, not a mandotary traditional event (URF) april fools is a day where you dont know what will happen, thus having urf mode every april fools defeats the purpose of the 'suprise' 3.idk if you guys suffer from brain damage over time, but RIOT stated multiple times that it wont be coming this april fools, so whats with the spam on the boards, do you guys suffer dematia? TBH the game mode is over-rated, and its basically "hurr durrr who ever picks sona first bounds to win the game 90% of the time" Yes i just said URF is for 12 year old kids who cant hold their grudge and have no skill, so all they do is finger smash the keyboard all game throw more salt at me please kiddies!
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