Its time to rework the summoner name system!

Many platforms and games have adapted to the new multibillion "account" or player era, plaforms like blizzard who have an almost perfect in my eyes system to prevent taken usernames(remove them at all and let everyone have the username they want) I think its time for Riot to do the same, its almost hilarious to think over how the game with the most active players that is FREE therefore allowing every player of the most playerbase in the game industry to create a new account and reserve names at their free will for them to have a unique name system, it makes the chance to have a cool name EXTREMELY low and almost impossible, if you want a name with combined words out of the dictionary(including champion names in it) and with no numbers its roughly 11 times more likely (in 2014 THO)for you to win at the lottery than to have that name unoccupied, if not higher.(this does not include extremely unpopular names and it is also not statistically correct as this would be impossible to do so, it is made on the assumption of a name that is popular such as names associated with champions in league of legends) If you want a name in league of legends, as in the system of right now, you cant have originality without having to include random numbers(that drop the aesthetic value a lot) so please riot make leagie of legends more user friendly by reforming the summoner name system. oh and obvious pros and contras -people would change their names WAY, WAY more often resulting in a constant income -Players would be more happy with their own names and could identify with them contra -It could be very common for people to run into the same name (this could be prevented by choosing more than one name which swiches if an enemy or ally has the same, and making champion names only banned)
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