What will the TFT ranked rewards be? (Season 1)

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What are the TFT ranked rewards going to be besides the penguin sticker? I just reached master rank on TFT after hard work of 1100 ranked matches playing night by night just to get this rank. It seems ARAM doesn't even show your TFT rank anymore? I really hope the ranked rewards will be that they return TFT ranks to ARAM. We are humans just like the rest of the league community, we're not worse people for playing TFT. We deserve the same treatment as everyone. Stop the hate and get yourself master on TFT, you'll see its not easy. I've been master on SR and TFT and I can say TFT is much harder since you lose -70LP for being 7-8th. Don't disappoint me and our fellow TFT gamers Riot. We need the borders back. Its our only reward before we can participate in TFT tournaments. Best regards, PP Dual (CEO @ PP)

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