I WONT GIVE YOU MY RP UNTIL YOU FIX THIS BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH.... Here,lets get serious for a second. I don't care for downvotes tho so be my guest. Here is the situation,the people that are complaining are the ones that are actively spending money on cosmetics,but now,you can see so many threads about this bug that happened,and mostly from these people.Why? Well because they are feeling " special " when they use their money for one skin,now they are angry little people and soooo jelaous eating themselves from inside because they didn't get it free and someone else did.So,as I saw on forum,someone said he could've abused it but he didn't,it was your choice just like my choice is not to buy champions for RP. It doesn't affect gameplay at all,it doesn't affect me at all,I play normally.But,it affects mental state of people that are hungry to have skins on their account to show people how " rich " they are.As you can see what they are saying: " give everyone 100 capsules free or I dont spend my RP " see what they are doing? Asking HUNDRED capsules for FREE.As I stated,their problem is because THEY DIDN'T GET IT. "I wont spend any cent on this game anymore"- well you don't have to,somebody else will,you think riot is gonna fall down because few of you are crying about " I WONT GIVE MY RP UNTIL YOU GIVE US FREE CAPSULES " kk.I really like how the people that are complaining are the ones spending money on the game XDD,you just prooved how greedy you actually are.Oh and I almost forgot,when they say " SOMEONE GOT SKINS FOR FREE AND WE WHO ARE SUPPORTING RIOT FOR 9 YEARS GET BICK " , " supporting " they say,or more like wasting money on skins so my a$$ would be satisfied.Yeah Imma gonna take my money and buy RP so Riot gets the money,nah I dont care about me getting the skin I care about riot getting the money. This is boards in a nutshell,if you agree with them everyone praises you and upvotes you,but if you disagree with them and tell the truth,everyone is gonna downvote you. GIVE US FREE CAPSULES CUZ WE'RE GREEDY HOW CAN HE GET 100 FREE CAPSULES AND I CAN NOT OH MA GOD WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!!!!! GIVE EVERYBODY 100 NO 10000 CAPSULES!!!!
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