Has Riot ever thought of MMO-RTS game?

Has Riot thought of creating a free to play MMO-RTS game? Since Riot does keep a good record of avoiding the game becoming a pay to win, and at that keeps häving enough playerbase to keep it playing, I wonder, how well would they fair in RTS market, especially, since Client Space RTS with interactive battles and constant balanced game evolvement is a rarity. And A challenge I think the company could fulfill. What makes LoL close to RTS is it's objective gameplay and Resource management. But, it still lacks 4x of RTS due to being a MOBA(MMO at that). RTS 4x (If someone doesnt know) are eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate. And currently a lot of mmo-RTS games don't have the eXpand aspect represented that strong anymore.(I'm talking about multibase system)

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