Why do my teams go mid all the time for absolutely no reason?? (rant)

EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. They all just go mid. No reason. Nothing important going on there. Laning is over? GO MID! Top or bot inhib is open? GO MID! It's like the game consists of 2 phases that you strictly have to follow. Lane for 15 minutes, then go mid and push. And that's just the beginning... Even when it start going bad (and it ALWAYS seems to start going bad) they just keep doing it. Losing teamfight after teamfight without changing anything. Just go mid and push... And the absolute WORST part about all this, is if you go and do anything else (something actually USEFUL) they all blame you for losing the game because you weren't out in the middle of nowhere doing nothing. Wow, I had to delete so many bad words that I really wanted to say. This is the one thing in the game that frustrates me to no end. In a way it's worse than feeding, trolling, flaming or anything, because at least I can see the reason and logic (however flawed it may be) behind those things.
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