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http://cdn.smosh.com/sites/default/files/ftpuploads/bloguploads/0413/epic-hugs-friends-minion.gif **How are you all doing?** I'm way too hyped atm, yesterday evening was way to great. But more for that later. And for a monday morning I'm unnaturally happy. \o/ Most likely a lot thanks to musics. (Will it be a Music sharing one again? Might be, quite likely will be) **How has your last week been?** I hope yours was great too? At least, mine was great at the end of it, it started out rather medicore. Monday-Tuesday all I did was play ranked pretty much, about equally wins and losses so nothing eventful. But I stumbled across a song that accompanied me pretty much every day when Walking home. (and it made it really hard to walk normally and not just hop and skip about) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfWWPYDONvM And I don't care waht anyone says, I personally feel like 'original songs' of people that generally make parodies/covers tend to simply be amazing! But Wednesday morning my pa called me that my last great grandmother died. Which... well, I think I've discussed death and stuffs already. But, without wanting to be disrespectful or anything, she had it coming. Like, when you get older than 90 years, life quality tends to lower quite a bit, and it is no secret that death is rather near then. On that Train of thought I wasn't feeling down at the funeral at all, I thought more of it like the end of a nice Story. (And yes, I will admit to finding death nice, that is, as Long as it's actually at the end of a life and not for someone who's like 30 or 40.) Then Friday and Saturday was the funeral (well, funeral saturday, vigils friday), which lead to me going to sleep early saturday (okay, '11 pm early'), and actually had me wake up 5 am. 5am usually is my workday get-up time, so I figured to just bear with it and not waste any more time sleeping. And it was worth, went for ranked and got a 4 game winstreak right away! ... just to play Duo after and lose all that LP again. Funiely enough, in all those game I always got my secondary. :< (At least I got an S+ on Janna, that's something I suppose) But! But but but. After taking a break and getting back to ranked in teh evening: I decided to now go with jungle secondary. As personally I'd love just going with fill, but I might aswell just take Support then and my ADC Performance has been really bad lately. So go back to good old Vi and Eve. Didn't matter tho, as opposing to the 7 times secondary before, I got my Primary 5 times in a row, and naturally 5 wins, zooming from ugly 7 LP to a decent 90. And... for those People who say they don't understand how others can main 1 Champion and Play them for tons and tons of games... you are missing out on so much, it's the best feeling ever! http://puu.sh/pyyiV/b60a5ef96f.jpg Oh yeah, and to share the 2 Songs that accompanied me for those games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_5R20zwin4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oo4HHLyjpvE **What are your guys' plans for this week?** I only have one plan and goal: Bring more Demacian Justice (and Rainbows) to the Rift! And exterminating Noxian scum on sight. :< Else... having my stupid 18th BDay this Thursday, and I hope to get Thursday and Friday off, by the looks of it atm that's rather likely as there isn't much work left. And then I'll try to avoid all the people that attempt to remind me of it or try to pull me outside to go drinking, or even worse, celebrate. \*shivers* And Maybe I'll visit my grandma (the one who's mother just died), just... well, I think not much explaining needed. x3 (I'm interacting with Family way too Little anyway, and at least she is one of the People who'd definitely deserve mroe... if she even wants me that is. :o) ---------- But enough of that, have a great monday and followup week everyone! ######And appearantly I'm not allowed to share my outside experience as being in front of my PC most of the time seems to render any experiences I make while not completely useless. :< (That's at least how my coworker seems to think. >.>)

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