LOL is now boring

I'm shit at lol. Say what you want. I got to gold and then stopped playing ranked. I really don't care. Maybe I've matured/grown out of it. I had played this game for 5 years and it was ALOT better than it is now. For me it's stale, boring and just not fun anymore. There was a time maybe two years ago when I thought I would never get bored of lol. I miss what lol was. I miss S1 when no one had any idea about anything, I miss the really bad map. I miss dominon. I miss bugs and stupid builds. But most importantly I miss the fun. That's what it doesn't have anymore for me. This isn't a rage thread, this is a thread simply comparing how fun it used to be, to how it is now. I still watch LCS but finally that addiction that is LOL is finally gone from me. It will not be missed.
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