is it just me or is the medieval theme kind of lacking in league?

the are some medieval skins like {{champion:13}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:110}} and the are some knights in shining armors like {{champion:86}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:89}} But do they really capture the style of a most medieval knights? garen just kind of feels like {{item:3068}} the champion. diana playstyle is basically land a combo like every other assassin. tryndamere is a extremely interesting champion with loads of *cough* indepth *cough* mechanics and a high *cough* learning curve... leona I think is pretty close to the medieval theme I would want. Little bit of worship. shes a little bit of magic. little bit of sword and shield. drives the shining armor theme well. and oh shes forced into the adcs bitch roll... well i guess it does suit the roll of saving the useless girl from the castle theme but couldnt it be a bit more interesting if we had leonas "feel" on a new champion? maybe a jungler? goes from lane to lane saving people. could have a ult simlar to {{champion:10}} butits like a 1500 damage sheild if the sheild pops but your team mate lives for 5 seconds after its breaking you get an amount of gold simlar to the enemy would get if they killed your team mate? Couldnt really abuse it since the enemy would need to do 1500 damage and the counterplay be try to burst or hold back. Just throwing ideas out my ass but I would like leonas "feel" or the real knight "feel" on a new champion that isnt a bot lanes bitch.
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