The importance of comfort

Now everyone sure had that, that if he really wants to climb for a day or two he makes his super duper gaming place ready, orders pizza and gets tons of energy drinks so he can focus more on the game. Or some of you may know the feeling during the game when you get that awfully feeling that you have to go to the toilet. Now I have done a 2 weeks experiment on those factors, the result was simply that you tend to play a lot better if you feel more comfortable. Now what did I do during those weeks? First I started to change my setup to play. I used my gaming laptop only instead of my PC. I used a crappy 5€ mouse, sat on a couch with the laptop on my knees but used a mousepad and some low quality headphones. Was closing the windows and darkening my room. After those changes I felt a HUGE loss in my skill during playing. Later I even took it into extreme. First I was eating unhealthy, skipping sleep, not eating breakfast and not bathing for a couple of days and playing without any breaks for 5+ hours straight. Now the result of this is reasonable. I felt kinda sick and my performance went worse and worse. Now then i turned it around and started to do it on the other extreme. Allways sleeping 8-10 hours, specific timing for warmups ranked etc. Even went on doing sport outside. Took my favourite chair, all the best hardware I had (some decent gaming stuff) and allways looked that I'm hydrated and never hungry or something like that and allways tool a small breal between the games. I need to say I started it slowly, adding allways new things every day. The result is simple. EVERY SINGLE BIT of the positives have increased my skill lvl. Even the difference in the graphis, fresh air, healthy food etc made me play better and better. So guys forget about anything other if you want to climb. Spending your money for better hardware, more comfortable place to play and a healthy lifestyle makes you actually climb faster. Thankyou for your attention.
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