will it ever end ?

when do people stop trash talking ? it pisses me off when i climbed to gold season 6 ppl said i was just a silver who got lucky / gold is easy and trash elo when i climbed this season to plat 5 ppl still trash talk and call me a boosted or hardstuck even tho if i wanted to climb more i would've but all i wanted was to reach plat and then stop playing and take a break - now i regret this since when ever someone irl or in game wants to flame/trash talk to me they bring it up and it pisses me off , i try to ignore it but sometimes i cant last game i played with the most narcissistic A hole person you could ever imagine kept flaming me for not following our bot lane when they killed him ( i was playing support and was doing great ) we had no idea where they are - they recalled and disappeared - and there was a large wave under our tower so we pinged him to be careful and told him in chat , this guy kept trash talking to me and acting as if he is a god among us and insulting eune players in general . i was able to hold my self but i was so close to letting loose to getting back at him so what do guys think ? , what do suggest for me to do ?

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