A little silver grinding to gold wondering about this wonderfully broken game

First of all please don't mind my many mistakes in this post i aint english. So, i was i Bronze 3-2 in S5 and S-6, i was realy bad at this game but it was always fun, even without insane plays or macro. I played most of the time solo doing ranked. It was good, i could grind, play with better team mate and opponent and when i could get to high bronze or even get to silver i felt the increase in difficulty very. Even at that time i was an otp Diana (the pick was mid-tier btw) and i could feel the skill in the game with riven players as well as shaco's or nidali's and even yasuo's. It was great, when you lost it was cause you did not played good enough or your opponent was simply better. Anyway after 2 years playing at league i stoped. I heard that some crazy things happend to this game like ardent censer meta and other things but in my mind LoL was still a good game overall were the best player win 90% of there game and the bad player are left at the bottom. On this i did reinstall the game in pre-season 9 and begin to play. At that time it was kind of fun, a good time to get back in the game and learn cause no one was giving a down about solo queue and just trying stuff and having fun (in low elo that is). I could try new champions and have fun anyway. And then came the hit without anyone seeing it comming, season 9. While i ( a trash player ) was playing the game i did not fell it at the beginning, but when you that are a bronze player with no macro what so ever and no mechanics can hit gold 3 without feeling any difficulties or any difference in gameplay you start to think about some stuff. Then you look you win rate and it state a good 50% with 500 games. At that time if you got half of a brain you beging to go to u.gg and look at your allies and opponent rank (at that why can t we see ennemy ranking in launcher ? to not see the matchmaking bug ?) and you can see that when you are gold 4 you tag full silver from 3 to 1 and sometime 1 gold player. And somehow because i not good enough i was stuck in gold 4, 0lp for something like 50 games without demoting. And when i finaly got gold 3 (because i got it, don t ask me how) i did still take silver but never gold 2-1, as if the game was waiting for me to go up. And here i just talk about matchmaking rank, there is more! When you finaly get in game after 3-4 min queue 3 dodge champ select and the waiting screen you can finaly play with people. ANd even in this trash elo 2 division is a massive level for the players in there and you get to see 20/0/0 champ at the 10min witch was kind of a rare occurence years before, but now you see it every game always. There is no fun playing those game even if you are the on e at 20/0/0 cause it is simply too easy to win. But the same thing happens too when you play with allies that are so overrated that they feed this hard. This would not have been a problem if it was rare, but as i said it is not, it's the norm. Also previously even in low elo if you got fed you could push your lead and get the win even with feeding teammates, you just had to be better. But now domages are so unreal that a fed champ even a maokai can os you easily so as a low mechanic player you just can t play those game even being better. Also this occure so much that even being an average player make you get 50% win rate and thaks to the lp system you get more than you loose therefore you rise in rank fi you play enough, Resulting as now trash player sch as me in gold while gold was a nice mechanic elo before. And there is more of it. When i can launch the game it is great i can play a coin-flip game, but when the game just crashed you understand that you were being laugh at. I have to say that i have a stable optic fibre connection with 20ms of ping and 240 fps and still i get crashes once every 3 games or deconnection for 10 to 2 min resulting in visual bug ( the map marks some place as with vision while there is no vision there). I also get frame drop from aurelion W, the game freeze each time i use it. Well that is for the matchmaking. Butknow what there is more ! You thought you were lucky to get in game whith no bug and good team mates, then look the champs! I remember a time when riven was consider broken for her 3 dashes..... Now look at Akali, Pyke, Katarina. I remenber a time when it was a few champ that could 100-0% you while not fed........Now you can feel Talon, Syndra , Quyiana, Akali, Ryze, Irelia, Zoe ,ect I could somehow remember that there was a use of Riot buff and nerf to let other champ get in top tier but now i don't understand. Riot seems to me like a childpoking an ant nest and having fun while he is destroying the whole nest and killing many. So much that you get 2 passive buff on a good champ like syndra making her unlaneable, or letting 3 long dash to akali or an unlimited nimber of dash to irelia and even an 50% hp regen for sylas. They are doing things but give it to a 5 year old child and he would do far better. But if only Riot was respectfull to it's player, not even kind but resectfull, they would not creat system only to make money like the eternals. No, they rather not talk at all to the community and throw but and nerf out of god knows where. And where there is any obvious problem in the game like the recent bug spree you can not see Riot anywhere, no Riot is doing like nothing happend and hoping people forget. And it's the same for every little bug and you get that to warn you https://status.leagueoflegends.com/?en_GB#euw Nice no ? but is it information? It looks more like trash talk to me. Anyway i am tilted at this team that is handling this game it's so crazy that when people get gold in their hands they turn it to sand even faster that it took to found it. If only they could look at this post and if only they would take action for this game. But well a dream is just a dream and i'll continue to dream and hope you dream with me. But sometime we will wake up and the dream will end and Riot will only have ashes and tears. ThunderDragonLW, A League of Legend player
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