Looking for friendly people (No flame) To play games with!

I'm a jungler{{champion:107}} /mid{{champion:45}} main who can also play support{{champion:25}} {{champion:13}} and ADC{{champion:15}} {{champion:22}} when required (If you put me top, we WILL have a misunderstanding) who is looking for a group of people/individuals to play with! I mainly play for fun - not always to win and i never usually play solo, i already have a small group but they aren't always online so it'd be nice to have some more contacts to always have a team of 5 :D All of us are level 30 with sorted masteries and runes, all we need are friends! :) Theres no rush to join up so don't go wasting your {{summoner:4}} or your {{summoner:6}} or else you'll be {{summoner:3}} ed. P.S: We worship the {{summoner:30}}

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