Can we please stop losing Lp because of monkeys?

I have played 6 games in 3 days in all of them someone was trolling, last game i had a 3/18 yasuo top and a 1st time nida. I came to realize that i will never climb not because i lack skills but because the Rnked system is bad or because people just play to troll. It is sad that i have to lose 17-20 lp for that. So imagine we lose 100 lp as a team after each game no matter what. So if we all played bad the 100 lp split, if someone fed he gets -40 lp and the rest is equally split between the team ( i mean like that yasuo) etc. Like this no one would have a problem because you lose lp based on your mmr right now. so if you are unlucky like me, and people troll in every game of yours it feels unfair. But if something like this could happen i would feel a lot better knowing that a moron like that yasuo just lost 40 lp.
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