Has league met its match?

League of legends has been around for a long time now. Its a fact that this game has peaked and has been the BIG game for quite a while now. Many other gaming companies tried to compete with league by releasing mobas that try to do what league does and more but very few of them have succeeded with DOTA 2 being the closest competitor. Now we have overwatch, a game that takes very little from league in the way that it has heroes that feel unique and have their own abilities, but all in all is a completely different game. It has been out for less than a month and has 10,000,000 + players already. Is this the game that will "end" league ( not i say end in inverted comas, I know league has a long time before it dies). Is overwatch going to be the new league of legends? I think it has become leagues biggest competition, its community is much more friendly, games don't last as long so there are less trolls in the way that if you find a troll it doesn't matter as much (its always annoying when someone trolls during a game that lasts over an hour and you feel like you just wasted your time), it is also very fun. So what do you guys think?
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