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%%%%! Yesterday I changed my username against my will (had one username for 8 years)... Today I get the message in the title. Then... after thinking really hard... I thought I had it, but what do you know? YOUr loGin crEDenTIAls DON't matCH aN acCoUNT In OUr sySTEM. So it has to be my password, I think. I go to the website and click forgot username because I remembered I didn't touch my password (don't get ideas riot) and I get a message that it has been sent to my email address. %%%%! again. That address was created more than 8 years ago and I haven't used it in about 8 years, BUT RIOT READ THIS: I logged in on my first try... because I didn't have to change it for some stupid security reason. Was there no one in that room able of think of a better idea? No heads up about the change? How about logging in with your email address as your username? Thank you for caring about my online safety Sincerely MyNewUsernameWhateverItIsNow

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