This is Depressing

These kind of Games depress me. I got a Quadra and a Penta in this match. We cracked their base first. Then it started to fall apart as our jungler missed one smite after another to Vi, ulted when all banshees were up, etc. Shen basically behaved like a bot. The throw was real. Feel free to check out that game in my match history and see for yourselves... It's fucking depressing that people in plat still dont understand that value of dragons and barons. That people in plat don't understand how to finish a game that basically is already won. P.s: I never believed it when people said Plat is trash ELO. Now I can peacefully second that. It's a fucking mix of people ranging from so low as Bronze 1/Silver 5 skills that have payed for a boosting (after a little research I found out Plat is the most requested Boosting Service, specially because of how easy it is to keep your stance in Plat 5 - with the MMR being all mixed up in there) up to people who have simply decayed from Dia 1/2. Of course this makes climbing out of Plat harder than climbing through any other league. I heard after Plat 3 that changes and then Dia 5-3 is the same nightmare again... This is the real Elo Hell guys - right there.
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