Why i personally dont want to play this game anymore... after almost 9 years

so yeah flame me whatever, i was playing this game almost from the beta days... and at this point the game just frustrates me... i mean so many issues with the game that i cant understand why its not fixed by now here a list of everything that is just a big why, just to vent my frustration and to MAYBE get any response out of these ppl. i feel like riot doesnt give a %%%% about the casual player so here we go WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE, ( also im not english first, so yeah ) -there are no fun items in this game anymore -there are no gamble items anymore, exept mejas maybe which is a sweet item btw, but alone just not enough i dont even want the super duper items that break the game but actual fun items that are not for the pros but for fun players, give me several options for %%%%s sake give me aside from the smite jungler items all the old ones, give me wriggles... let me upgrade mejas with 2000 gold after reaching max stacks to get a perma mejas with idk a small boost or whatever SOMETHING -no new summoners,riot only takes some away -runes since the rework have been a dumb idea, i was crying since day one about how you cant personalize them with stats, ppl call that a dumb idea, it comes back crippled and bam GENIUS ( srslsy i hate this community, you have a good idea and kindly present it or critisize the game for it, until riot themselves fixes it you are the dumb one) -runes still lack variety, the stat runes need at least per row 2 more to make them matter rly, you cannot stack health 3 times to actually feel them, you dont have wack stuff in there its just boring cookie cutter. remember the good old times when you could get like 40% as or like 50 armor or so??? that was the wild time. when you could be creative... with a bit of love that could have been nice... -99% of the players are nooblords, everything from iron till diamond 4 is horrifically bad and not anywhere near actuall competetive play but tries to play and talk like that. even in normals. the part where you are also should have FUN with the game and have fun mechanics doesnt exist. ppl pretend as if everything is lcs ppl never surrender anything... even a 0-40 game <------- this one happened to me not that extreme but fairly close some time ago. the enemys didnt finish and my team refused to surrender. after 50+ minutes with 2 afks in my team it was finaly over.. cuz we didnt push creeps anymore.. but they still didnt surrender... cuz they think thats pro play right there - riot kills fun mechanics not realizing or not caring that some stuff is just plain fun to use or makes the game more fun - everything other then SR gets ignored to death. old 3v3 was amazing and fun. NO WE MUST MURDER IT AND ALSO THEN KILL ALL FUN ITEMS FROM THE NEW ONE CUZ %%%% YOU YOU DONT NEED TO HAVE FUN, THIS IS ONLY COMPETETIVE NO WACK STUFF ALLOWED - the ranked system is bullshit. utter garbage. you dont get rewardet if you play at youre own skill level play well and actively through a lost game that you cant do ANYTHING to save. games where 2 ppl RANDOM leave or tilt out or never ever stop the suicide. i am not a challenger i cant brute force my way through like a smurf. why do i get so much lp minus even though i am over 55% winrate?????? i should get some reward or so for staying in the game and trying... -riot reworks champions either breaks them or makes them useless exept when they are overbuffed and refuse to revert it in most cases speak aatrox i am salty till this day, if you say thats fine fk u its not. do an new champ and REWORK aatrox dont fking take him away a champ i liked deleted and now he is useless after a thousand dumbass nerfs -riot says things about stuff like for example mana passivs, they said themselves they are an excuse for high mana costs, however they refuse to change them all there is still xerath after his DUMB AS BRICKS rework nobody asked for, gave him as an atilery mage mana costs of 130 on a non ultimate ability which is INSANE and give him a autoattack mana reg passiv that does nothing special. you literally are forced to have this for no reason. if you say that the community says its fine and wow riot the gods know what they are doing OBVIOUSLY NOT -punishmen in this game is weard as fk, its a game where everybody is toxic anyway, dont even pretend thats not part of the game, it is deal with it. i should be able to flame as much as i want if somebody is just to mentally challenged as lvl 100+ to auto something correcly. and i should be able to leave a game that is lost to the point of no return , you know because the game wont reward you for staying either, you literally are the dumb one for staying in certain games. - the game is supposed to be a teamgame right? sad the game doesnt reward you for doing so in many cases. often you wont be able to abuse youre team for the win because nobody wants to, there is no voice chat AND NO i do not count the one in the game as usefull. who uses that crap???? if you invite somebody then you are on discord or teamspeak anyway. just wtf. let me speak with these idiots so i can tell them to dont suicide and back off instead of staying there and writing it down which btw makes it worse and if you tell me to mute ppl or whatever GUESS WHAT I CANNOT MUTE PPL BEFORE THE GAME STARTS IN CHAMP SELECT, I CANT DO IT IN OPTIONS IT JUST IS A HASSLE EVERY GAME - autofill is bullshit, i had so so many games where i waited IN RANKED like 10-20 seconds and get INSTANT offrolled... WHAT THE %%%% and guess what getting a role you cant play for the life of you to the standart of the elo you are in will most likely be a lose or hard to win for you. do i get a reward for playing it anyway? nope do i get a punishment for dodging it? yeah of course you do. why isnt one dodge per day completely free..... - having ppl who troll you when you dont take the summoners THEY want and they get away with that... best example, YOU DONT HAVE HEAL support runs in dies for no reason blames it on you cuz no heal. happened so many times i cant count it - beeing held hostage by 3-4 premates is a thing, and not only i but many of my friends know this one too. you are the one random and they dont like you or one of them starts dying 10 times on youre lanes because why not, and the smalles remark makes it that all of these goofy fks troll you example, i was in a game where they would run behind me take evryy single creep never left me alone, told the enemys to kill me they would not atatck. and i died a good 20 times to this. i cant even leave that game i cant leave base, i cant do anything i am just in this game and if i dont try to farm or lvlv or anything i get a punishment for afk... this happened also not once but also several times when i got rly unlucky - funmodes get ruined because riot doesnt alow fun examples urf is random... srsly? the mode isnt fun if you cant pick what you want. i RRELY get what i want and still have no fun because the rest of the team doesnt have what they wanted so everybody basicly gives up immidiatly ascension was ruined when they changed the xerath buff from getting it on kill to pick up. this change alone killed the mode. nobody i know to this day liked this change we all hate it its crap blackmarket is gone and never returned - the community is to a good and solid 90% mentally ill. you can taste how braincells are missing and the insanity of them is just pouring out and oozing into the keyboard they got. you have a valid point? nop you dont know nothing... you aint riot, riot is god, they dont do mistakes.... -top is a joke, cant they just give a new junglebuff or something up there which grants you a teleport to drake???anything to make you able to move to the team fatser . take teleport away for that or something... give me something to farm that is not jungle and not lane if you get camped too hard but cant be farmed easily together with creeps... you know so YOU can change the playstyle by giving something else up. if you get perma ganked by mid and jungle for example - several of the base runes are a joke too. some are simply there to be here, they give you so litle to nothing usefull that you can just ignore them for a better alternative,we should have way more runes to choose from or be able to take after the main rune tree was chosen freely from ANY tree what we want .... more variety is cool. if you say no its too much stop talking. if everybody can use it its not unfair. clearly you have been wrong before that too because riot did stuff like that and then it was good aparently - the difference between win and lose in any situation is just making the whole game worse and more frustrating AKA toxic its one thing to get lp loss from losing, its another to get less exp essence or whatever. the first win bonus is nice and okay but why do you get punished for losing in unnesesary ways? if you make the lose matter less in other ways you make the game less frustrating to deal with - getting champion shards and blue essence feels rigged...for a good 120 levels i try DESPERATLY to get shards for 5 champions. gues what NOTHING i get a ton of crap. i made like 15 or 20 lvl ups from when neeko dropped and shes the only one missing. no neeko shard getting blue essence is also utter garbage i could get champions and points way better before. now its just bad and needs to get a fix... let me rerole shards again. give champs you dont own a higher chance of dropping btw 120 lvls is hardcore and uneccaptable in every way i could think of more but i am exhausted with this game. i most likely will check the new morde out for funnzies butuntil then bb. this game gives me on regular bases headaches
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