Limited amount of surrender votes per team member

Hi, This is a copy paste from a suggestion i wrote to the player support: Hi Riot, I have now played for several seasons and am now tired of people wanting to ff games at every opportunity they get. So many people get tilted in ranked and even the smallest mistake will make them want to surrender. Therefore they spam /ff every three minutes for the rest of the game. 1. It is annoying towards everyone who doesn't think the game is over. 2. It is a bad signal to send to your team - that you don't want to play the game anymore and that you already have given up. Therefore i suggest that each person should only get a limited amount of surrender votes per game (let's say 2). That is a total of 10 surrender votes which should be more than enough if your team truly wants to surrender. Might even be just one per team member so that people will actually take a closer look at the game before throwing out the surrender votes. I think this suggestion might be a step in the right direction towards keeping a sounder mentality in game. In my opinion people shouldn't be taught to give up so easily when they meet a little resistance. I hope you will consider this suggestion.
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