I'd like to hear different thoughts on the idea of Time Travel.

So I've been watching movies, tv series, and stumbled upon books in which the idea of time travelling was interpreted and it has captivated me. Not only the definition of time travelling in itself, but also the ability of changing the future through your own actions in the present (if you were able to know what is meant to happen and wish to change it, for example). EDIT: I accept different opinions on if it's possible to Time Travel or not, and what exactly Time is, and I am interested in that as well, but I am also looking forward to hearing if it's possible to change the Past and Future if Time Travel was to be possible. Just assume it is for arguement's sake. Now, the way I see it, I personally don't believe we would be able to change things if we were given the chance. Neither in the Past, nor the Future. I guess my reasoning for this is because I believe in Fate in a way. But I do not mean this in the way that a God or a special entity has written our destiny and we have no choice in the matter. I believe that we make our own destiny, our own choices, our own mistakes, and we build our own future, etc. However this doesn't mean our future isn't already written. Think of the Future as a history book, but one that we are not able to read unless you travel to the Future or have a special power or whatever (like in the Movies lol). You might not know what's going to happen as of right now, but if you were to travel forward in Time, the events and things that happen there and that you would witness.. have already occured for someone else in the even more distant Future, or are happening as you are there anyway. So in THAT sense, the Future is already set. Know what I mean? So is it acceptable to say that the Future is already written even though we do not know it yet? So does this mean that we are unable to change our own Future because the Future itself would have us attempt to apply these changes? So really, we are not changing the Future, we're just playing into it. We cannot accept the notion that it is possible to change the Future if we believe in Future itself. Because the Future as a whole by definition would involve us trying to change it. So in reality we are not changing anything. Right? Wrong? I dunno. And isn't this the same with attempting to change the Past? Let's say you want to travel back in time and stop Abraham Lincoln from being murdered. And just assume for this debate's sake that it was possible for us to travel back in Time. Wouldn't that Past already contain us (time-travellers) having had gone back in Time to try and stop that event? We just didn't know it. Now I think this is where I'm probably going to have to point out there are several different theories as to what Time is and how it works. For example.. Is it linear? Can it branch off into several different timelines? Is it malleable? I don't konw what the correct answer is, but is the act of changing something (Past or Future) possible or not in your opinion? I guess that might depend on what your definition of changing something is, and I'm open to hearing your thoughts. You may believe that it's possible to change things and open one or more parallel timelines. Doesn't this still show that you can't change something. You're only making a different version of it. But your own Future, your own Past, they remain the same, no? For example someone said that "All time travel scenarios to the past MUST involve the creation of a new parallel universe that is a copy of the target time period." And that makes sense to me. Wouldn't trying to change something in Time create a Time paradox? Anyway there's probably alot more I'd like to add but I'll stop now as I've already started to write too much, but I am truly very interested in hearing what other people think about this whole thing. I'm really captivated by this subject even though some people say it's a waste of time to even discuss it. _**What are your own theories on Time Travelling, the effects of it, the interaction between what we do in the Present and the Future? Etc. If Time Travel were to be possible, could you change stuff or not?**_ Thank you for taking time to read this.

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