Have you ever had this moment...

When you go to toilet, you notice that there's some tomato slices (from a mozzarella panini) in the sink that you threw up last night and the bathroom kinda stinks of vomit. (because you were in stupid-drunk-mode and you didn't understand to vomit in the flush so you just vomit in the sink) Then you have to take a leak first before cleaning the mess right? And when you are done you are like hey, i'll just drop dem tomato slices to toilet and flush the urine and the slices in one go. Two birds right? Then you take the tomato slices and drop them in the toilet and BOOM SPLASH , the piss/toilet water mixture flipedi flops high in the air, and the piss stream slashes your arm. Then you have a moment of silence and think "fml.." and you go out to smoke a cigar like graves once did back in the past.

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