What a lovely morning you great people!

How are all of your cuties doing? I hope no less than awesome! Why am I like this? Because all of you deserve only the best days! \*hugs* ----------- Yes, I did camp the store from 5 pm to midnight yesterday. Yes, I did buy Elemtalist Lux as soon as it oped up. Yes, I did stay up till 3 AM even though I had to get up at 5. No, I'm not feeling well right now. No, I don't regret it! (But I need some sugar) I haven't watched any previews or the likes, so I wasn't able to take everything in by far. Weirdly enough, so far I actully found the Ice element most fluent to play. I didn't try Storm or Mystyet, but Dark just Sound so mean. q-q And while I like Fire and Magma a lot it still feels like she is being a bit mean in those forms. :( But in the 3 rankeds I played then I actually performed quite decently and could be happy with it. (even if I ended up losing 2 of them. <.<) ---------- Anyways, just some random talks from me, as you should be used to by now. Oh yeah, and Icons! Like... I pretty much always used the rose, occasionally Heartplosion or the Lux SG Icon. But now I got 11 new ones and can't decide at all. Q_Q And I always missed to equip my ward Skin too. :(( ------------ Well, enough of that. I hope all of you will have an amazing day and week! Shall we meet on the rift!
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