Change a word with bronze!

The rules are these: You have to take 3 quotes out of 3 champs and change one word of each quote with bronze. I'll start: {{champion:114}} "I long for a worthy bronze." {{champion:238}} "The unseen bronze is the deadliest." {{champion:45}} "I AM bronze, stop laughing!" Let's add the best quotes so far! (In my opinion of course) {{champion:1}} "You smell like bronze!" - Support Man {{champion:99}} "Bronze decision, summoner." - Petsho {{champion:157}} "Road to bronze, is shorter than you think." - Jayce Senpaii {{champion:4}} "I've never lost a bronze game, or played one" - Discover Satin {{champion:33}} "Bronze." - TheGons {{champion:161}} "Odd...their intelligence drops in the presence of bronze" - FloatingHitPoint {{champion:2}} "Leave Bronze behind" - Green Green King {{champion:1}} "Beaten by a little bronze." - Rostabal {{champion:67}} "Let us hunt those who have fallen to bronze" - Myster10 {{champion:44}} "Bronze ? Bronze is truly outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous." - Borbland {{champion:35}} "In my next trick I'll make you Bronze, hihihihi." - Jester King {{champion:222}} "Wait, I'm bronze! Urgh... how do people do this?" - PepijndM {{champion:60}} "I can show them the way to bronze." - Ziovi (his quotes were all equally good :P ) {{champion:412}} "Bronze is a prison" - Ghoosttx {{champion:78}} "Bronze is serious business" - LoveJessAndPoppy {{champion:111}} "Sometimes I think this bronze just weights me down - ladadii, ladaduu~" - TheLastFirstPick {{champion:266}} "True warriors are born in bronze!" - sandieee {{champion:5}} "A Bronze does not retreat." - JerimiahGottwald P.S. : I don't want to start a war , I do respect bronze players, this thread is only for fun.
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