So i got hacked yesterday and this is Riots foolproof quiz to prove im the original account holder

Been talking to riot about getting my old account back, Summoner name: Glazby was hacked yesterday whilst i was logged in. "you have been logged on at another location" so the game closed, i made the account around 6 years ago on a made up email back in the day when you didnt have to verify email addresses so yeah i know thats my own fault my bad. Bought a %%%% ton of RP on that account over the years with 2 or 3 diff debit cards all with MY NAME on them so i could happily send in photo ID of me but instead this is what riot wants to know from an account thats 6 years old and has had every champ on it for at least 2 years and buys new ones as soon as they are released: ** Hello again, I am sorry for this unpleasant situation, but I still can't identify you as the original creator of the account, Please do your best to answer the questions below, so I can further assist you: Account Creation Date: What was your first ever RP purchase?: What did you use your refund tokens on?: First 5 champions you ever purchased: First 3150 IP Champion: First 4800 IP Champion: First 6300 IP Champion: Gifts Received: Gifts Given: I'll be waiting for your answer. Kind regards**
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