A message to Riot..

Hej Riot! My name is Aldor from Sweden and i'm a person that suffers from a pretty messed up disorder called Dissociative Identity Disorder *D.I.D* (aka Multiple Personality Disorder) as well as PTSD and Severe depression. Now you can only imagine how much of a hell my life would have to be right ? And it basically was a hell. I can not work because everytime I get stressed I dissociate which makes me unable to control my body and I mostly lose memory of everything I do while dissociated. But i'm meeting a therapist and working on getting better, been doing so for about 2 years now. Now you must be asking yourself, "why is he telling us all this ?" It's important to know a bit of what I am so that, when I tell you that League Of Legends is the best thing In the world, you know i'm being honest. I want you to know, Dear Riot, That your game have been better than any therapist i've ever met. Even my psychologist said that I should play as much as I can, That's how much it's helping me. Now i'll tell you how it helped me. 1- A part of D.I.D is that you get different identities, think of them as voices in your head but instead of being random voices, they are actual parts of yourself that has different way of thinking and could range from an angry dude who's always thinking about destroying things to a very sad and lonely kid who just wants to be loved by someone. Playing League has helped me understand how these Identities react to different situations such as when someone flame me in game for doing something wrong, I can feel and then see how the angry part pushes through to flame back, I did get banned a few times for this but you know what ? After a while, I managed to get stronger and I could actually control him and stop him from coming out.. I've never been able to do this before.. You actually made me achieve something in 5 months that my therapist could barely change in 1 and a half year.. 2- Stress has been the biggest reason as to why I keep having suicidal thoughts. Whenever I think of my future and how my disorder will hinder me from achieving my dreams, It just make me feel hopeless and mostly wanting to commit suicide.. But that's when this part of me always wants to play League Of Legends (It's basically the only game I play) And you know what ? Whenever I'm playing, after a match, no matter if I win or lose, I actually totally forget about my stress, it just vanishes.. Not even my medicine could do this that quickly.. The way that you made the game to be so fun to play and enjoyable.. It's just magical and I really would like to thank you for that! And finally.. 3- Community.. I've always been afraid of meeting new friends because of the fact that my disorder usually hinders me from being able to communicate with people, unless one specific social part of me is out, but then I'm not really myself. Playing League Of Legends caused me to meet some really amazing people that actually understood me better than any friend i've had in real life. They saw through my disabilities and straight into my heart.. I've only dreamt of meeting people like this. I know that there are people who think that the League's community is toxic, but I can assure you that they are the most wonderful community you will ever meet. All in all, I have spent a lot of money on my account And I'm really proud to do it because I believe that such an amazing company deserve to grow and get bigger, you are helping people way more than you imagine. So, I want to say that I love you Riot. With all my heart. And everyone who works in riot, I just want you to know that you made my life better, Every day you are the reason why i'm not committing suicide and fighting hard to get my life better. Thank you Riot.. Thank you <3
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