Too Much Orange Essence ! / Different Uses of Them.

Hello Rioters, i'd like to make a suggestion about the orange essence as i already know that we will use blue essence in the near future as IP and there will be different uses of blue essence, but the problem orange essence has only 1 use which is Unlocking Skins/Wards Permanently. i personally and some of my friends have a lot of orange essence that we aren't using due to not getting lucky with the skins we get from boxes, sometimes we don't want them so we just convert it to orange essence, perhaps not many people are requesting that or maybe none of them but i'm sure that if you try to make other uses of orange essence that will be a great idea and players will like it if you ask them about it, for example: buying boxes, loots, emotes, icons, Chromas with orange essence, the price can be a little bit higher because the players are going to choose what to buy with their essence but they will be surely satisfied, thanks for reviewing my request, Best of luck on the field of justice ! -Ros
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