The Riot's ban system is a nosense

So today I played a couple of games with my buddy, every game we played wasn't that cool really, literally; full of people calling other people cancer and stuff but still, we had fun, we played our games, I've never reported someone for this, that's sure. Today at 3 a.m. I was going to play my last game (Normal game at the end of the game, ya know, just to chill a lil bit), So I found a lobby and all I got was a guy banning my champ, alright, well that kinda made me mad and not because I couldn't play the champ I wanted to play but the act of banning my champ pissed me off, I don't even flame that much, I started playing again after a long time and I'm already level 4 honor. I did not flame my teamate for that, instead I picked bard took his lane, bought some random items and fed the enemy team. The game was 13 minutes long (our karma has been afk). And I got suspended for intentional feeding, which is absolutely true, I've run it down mid. But c'mon people can't be banned from lol just because a 13 minutes long Normal game, like I didn't even wrote a single word in chat while everyone else was threatening me with reports lmao, like really? Did I really just got banned for that? I mean people just wanna enjoy your game and all you do is banning people for toxicity while there's a mute button in the game or ban people for troll or int in normal games, this is just dumb to me and I ain't even talking about someone who keeps doing it I WAS LEVEL 4 with the honor thing and I got banned for just one normal game. Plus I kinda think that this kind of stuff don't help the community at becoming '''''''''''Better people'''''''''', because all you do is just banning people with your random ass standard, the only thing that this system does is spreading the rage of who got banned, and by the way that thing about the people getting banned; ''after the ban their attitude has improved'' it's only because they have to shut up and play your game under your rules and under your system otherwise the gon' pay for that. AND THAT WOULD BE COOL IF THE SYSTEM REALLY WORKED OUT but it doesn't , jeez XD. Guys I really don't know what to say like I'm not a robot I make mistakes, so I just hope you think the way I do :/
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