what happened to this company. what happened to riot

remember? when this game was an good game. champions were balanced a lot of players were playing. saying 1 cursed word didnt lead into a bann. you actually needed skill to win a game. and now.. its litteraly farming until 15 minutes then everyone goes over to mid lane and there will be a crap teamfight that will decide which team is going to win. champions are so unbalanced. if you pick riven you have a 90% chance to win the game. saying 1 cursed word leads you to a bann. you litteraly can lose the account you have putted 1000's of hours in 500 euro's etc because of 20 minutes. if you wanna reform? Nope youre toxic. its litteraly riot stealing our money. you give money to the game and they dont give a f still 1 game is bann. this company is actually trash. i dont know who is running riot games now but it is seriously trash. balance team? trash. forreal which chinese guy bought it over and is ruining the entire game. league of legends is bleeding out back in 2014/2015 lcs had 2 million views. lol now it can drop to 15k views. this game litteraly is ruined not as good as the old league anymore
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